ISBER 2018 Workshop Submission

Deadline to Submit: November 10, 2017

Workshop Lead Presenter Information

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Will this be your first time presenting material at an ISBER meeting?

Workshop Proposal

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The available time frames are 1 hour or 1.5 hours

Select a category of the core subject material of your workshop.

Please describe how the selected topic supports ISBER's Mission and Vision*

Please describe how your workshop will be interactive.*

Do you plan to use the ISBER conference app or any other interactive tools?

Who is the target audience for the workshop?*

What is the experience level of the targeted audience?

List the benefits received by proposed workshop attendees*

Attendees will learn...

Will any products result from the performance of this workshop?* If yes, will this product be freely available to ISBER members?

(For example, white papers, tools etc.)

Workshop Presenters

Please provide the information below for each of the workshop presenters.
Note: Workshop presenters are required to register for the meeting and make their own travel arrangements.

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Presenter 2 Name

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If you have more than 3 presenters, please include the above requested information for each additional presenter in the Comment box below.


Please provide additional information that you feel will help the committee better understand and appreciate the proposed workshop.

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