All abstract presenters will receive an invitation email to present at the ISBER 2019 Annual Meeting.  Please note that all presenters must accept the invitation and register for the meeting to present. Information on the presentation date and time will be provided after the abstract is accepted.

If you have any questions about your presentation or the ISBER 2019 Annual Meeting, please email

Oral Presentations

  • Contributed Paper Session Presenters – Presentation Duration: 12 minutes for presentation, 3 minutes for Q&A.

  • Innovative Technologies – Presentation Duration: 5 minutes.

Final Presentations

Your Presentation

  • Please bring your presentation on a USB Flash Drive to the Speaker Services room (room 3A) on-site at least 24 hours in advance of your presentation time. (If you are a pre-conference day speaker, please refer to email sent to you from Head Office.)
  • If you require any of the additional support listed below, please visit Speaker Services at the earliest convenience to ensure that your presentation is smooth as possible. Speaker Services can assist with the following: AV Technician Assistance, Apple Presentations, Any media; movies, websites, or videos**

**If you are using any media, please ensure you have a copy of it saved to your USB drive (rather than linking to a website/a video online/etc.) Please also note that many sites may not be available in China.  

  • IMPORTANT: your presentation should be formatted as 16 X 9 (widescreen), and not 4 X 3

Speaker Services Room (room 3A) 

  • The Speaker Services room will be set up with laptop computers to allow you to preview and/or make changes to your presentation prior to your session. Once finalized please submit to the technician with the room and make sure that the presentation is correct on the technician’s laptop to ensure that will be shown correctly within the session’s room.

Conflict of Interest

  • Please plan to use the appropriate statement on conflict of interest as your second slide (after your title slide). Please choose from one of the following statements: Click here.


  • Please obtain written permission from the respective copyright owners for its use or adaptation within your presentation if you do not believe the fair doctrine applies. Citations of all reference and materials used should be included.

Audiovisual Equipment

  • The following equipment will be within the meeting room:
    • Laptop (PC)
    • LCD projector
    • Screen
    • Podium with microphone
    • Laser pointer
    • Panel Mics
    • Audience Mic for Q&A