Preconference Technician Workshops

Part of the ISBER Annual Meeting & Exhibits includes our Preconference Technician Workshops taking place May 6, 2019. Descriptions for our Technician Workshops are now available! Please see below.

Sample Data Management

Biobanking requires using the full potential of biological samples; this includes not just the physical samples, but also the associated meta data that is collected throughout the lifecycle of the sample. Repository samples can be handled by a number of different functional groups over time. Managing sample inventory, Chain of Custody (CoC), document management, accurate labeling and coordinating the annotation of associated data is imperative for the smooth functioning of any repository. Databases and use of other integrated software tools are a fundamental requirement to support the mission and processes of the repository. This session will explore the basic requirements of a repository IT system; explain the importance of basic data elements; and clarify the ISBER Best Practices for Repository Management Systems and how they can affect the daily rituals of a repository technician.

QA/QC – Benchmarking Data for Quality Metrics

While the number of biospecimens being collected and distributed is increasing, the complexity of their multiple applications put forward higher requirements in the quality management of these biospecimens and associated data. Controlling quality metrics of primary biomaterials, collection variables, preanalytical variables, as well as different molecular analytes is critical for high-throughput, quantitative downstream assays. It is also essential to avoid introducing institute-dependent intrinsic bias in multiple processing pathways to obtain accurate data. This session will be devoted to an in-depth discussion of evolving tools and metrics for sample quality assessment and how best practices might directly apply to the daily work of biobank technicians.