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Booth # 506
Abeyance Cryo Solutions

Abeyance produces innovative cryo solutions for life science research and therapy. Successful use of samples in the lab or clinic is the ultimate goal and cryopreservation is a critical link. Decades of experience across the cold chain, vertical integration and a commitment to quality make our unique freezers possible. Increase capacity, improve ergonomics and stay connected with simple, secure cryo storage designed for samples by users.

Booth # 706

ASKION C-line® System, the modular next generation biobank system for control rate freezing, sample transfer, sample storage, automation and documentation. With our system you can improve and achieve sample quality in small to large scale (100 to millions of samples). The flexible and fully automate-able system solution can meet any operator needs and covers the entire workflow from sample freeze to documentation. You want to learn more? Visit us at booth 706 or online at:

Booth # 205
Abbott Informatics

Abbott Informatics provides leading Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) solutions that have served customers around the world for more than 30 years. The Abbott Informatics STARLIMS solutions improve the reliability of laboratory sampling processes, support compliance with global regulatory requirements and industry standards, and provide comprehensive reporting, monitoring and analysis capabilities.

Booth # 305

A2LA is the largest and most experienced multi-discipline accreditation body in the United Sates. A2LA accreditation is recognized worldwide as an indicator of compliance with international requirements. We are the first accreditation body to accredit to ISO 20387 for biobanking facilities and have developed a unique biobank accreditation program. A2LA is a member of ISBER and supports their mission of promoting harmonized high-quality standards, education, ethical principles, and innovation in.

Booth # 601
Agilent Technologies, Inc

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. The company provides laboratories worldwide with instruments, services, consumables, applications and expertise, enabling customers to gain the insights they seek. Agilent expertise and trusted collaboration give them the highest confidence in our solutions.

Booth # 215
ABS Inc.

Since 1990, ABS has made research and discovery faster, easier, and more reliable. Major pharmaceutical and biotech companies have relied on us to provide, process, characterize, and quality-control cells and tissues. By taking care of these non-core but critical research activities, ABS frees your team to focus on key scientific and business goals.

ABS can supply you with Cell Culture Services, Cell-Line Engineering, Human Biospecimens, Cell & Tissue Preparations and Sample Storage & Logistics

Booth # 303
ADS Biotec Inc.

ADS Biotec provides instruments, consumables, and services for Biobanking Facilities, Clinical Labs and Research Labs. Product lines include: Biobanking and Nucleic Acid Extraction, Purification: Gene Prep Star,  QuickGene systems, Cytogenetics Automation: HANABI & BioDot systems. ADS Biotec also offers a wide variety of Custom Manufacturing Capabilities and Services (Liquid Manufacturing, Enzyme Production,  Purification, and Custom Assembly).

Booth # 507
Autoscribe Informatics Inc.

Whatever your Biobank Management needs the Matrix Biobank Management System is easily adapted to suit them. Our simple to use graphical configuration tools set Matrix apart from other Biobank software solutions. Store and retrieve biospecimens. Optimize storage. Manage data such as patient genealogy and consent forms. Track associated test results. Record the transfer of samples to/from research centers and other biobanks to exacting regulatory requirements. Interface easily with other systems.

Booth # 105

Avantor is a worldwide leader in the provision of professional GxP archiving and biorepository services, delivered by EPL Archives. Within the global Avantor organization, EPL Archives provides customized services to consolidate and manage your discovery, non-clinical, clinical, and manufacturing related materials in purpose-built, regulatory governed facilities, ensuring secure research asset preservation and retrieval. In 40+ years, caring for 100M+ assets, we’ve never failed to return one.

Booth # 314
Bahnson Environmental Specialties, LLC.

Bahnson Environmental Specialties, an Emcor Company, is a leading manufacturer of high volume custom low temperature Reach-In and Walk-In Freezers serving the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, contract biorepositories, and other critical product storage industries. For a complete review of our offerings of controlled environmental/stability rooms/chambers and services, visit our website.

Booth # 404

Bluechiip commercialises a product ecosystem that provides secure wireless ID sample traceability and temperature monitoring specifically designed for cryogenic environments. Bluechiip technology is comprised of a small chip embedded into the sample container, readers to decode the chip, and a sample management software to manage the inventory.
Unlike labels, barcodes or RFID, the Bluechiip solution is not affected by frost or liquid nitrogen, providing reliable fast reads and maintaining quality.

Booth # 614

Bruker enables scientists to make breakthrough discoveries and develop new applications that improve the quality of human life. Bruker high-performance scientific instruments and high-value analytical and diagnostic solutions allow scientists to explore life and materials at molecular, cellular and microscopic levels. Bruker enhances innovation, productivity and customer success in life science molecular research through applied and pharma applications, microscopy, nano-analysis and industrial.

Booth # 500 – 502
BSI Systems

BSI Systems (BSI, BioShare, and SRL Advantage) is a collection of specimen inventory and resource management products that provide workflow, inventory, and location tracking services for your facility. BSI manages your biobank with a validated software that tracks the complete life cycle of specimens within your repository. BioShare is a web platform for sharing specimens and datasets across a research community. SRL Advantage can aid researchers to locate specimens across a biobanking network.

Booth # 304
Biologix Group Limited

Biologix Group Limited is specialized in the R & D, production and sales of complete biobanking solutions and high-quality laboratory supplies. CryoKING, a brand by Biologix, offers one-stop biobanking services, which are characterized by integrated biobanking designs, full biobanking supplies and comprehensive biobanking trainings. With professional designs, advanced
techniques, and safe & efficient management, CryoKING covers every phase of biobanking and offers complete biobanking products to general users.

Booth #606
College of American Pathologists

The College of American Pathologists (CAP) is the world’s largest organization of board-certified pathologists and leading provider of laboratory accreditation. The CAP pioneered the first accreditation program for biorepositories in 2012. The National Cancer Institute cited the CAP’s accreditation checklists for best practices, providing your bank with a blueprint for quality. To learn more about recent updates to the CAP checklists for biorepositories, visit us at booth #606.

Booth # 409
Coriell Institute for Medical Research

Coriell is an independent non-profit biomedical research center whose mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by generating world-class biomaterials and conducting groudbreaking research in personalized medicine and stem cell biology. The Coriell Biorepository is regarded as the most diverse collection of highly-characterized cell lines and high-quality DNA, annotated with rich phenotypic data and available to the international research community.

Booth # 301 & 400
Chart MVE

Chart MVE, the leading innovative manufacturer of secure cryogenic storage of stainless steel freezers, aluminum vapor shippers, and nitrogen handling equipment. Our stainless steel freezers, like the new MVE Fusion Series freezers, achieve the longest hold time and lowest LN2 consumption of comparable freezers with vial capacities ranging from 3,200 to 94,000. Cryogenic shipping is trusted with Chart MVE’s newest shippers providing savings on packaging, shipping costs, dry ice, and disposal.

Booth # 505 is an ISO 9001:2015 certified informatics company. Their secure, SaaS, in the cloud LIMS with zero upfront cost, CloudLIMS, is purpose-built for biobanks. CloudLIMS offers complimentary support services to help biobanks manage samples and metadata, locate stored samples, automate and streamline workflows, remove data silos, and follow guidelines and standards such as ISO 20387:2018, EU GDPR, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and ISBER Best Practices.

Booth # 508
Coris Life Sciences Monitoring

CORIS Life Sciences Monitoring provides affordable, cloud-based remote temperature monitoring for freezers to protect your laboratory samples. Smart, simple, and secure solutions offer IT-friendly continuous monitoring, automated reporting, and customizable alerts for peace of mind that your research specimens are safe. Contact us to learn why major research institutions and regulated laboratories trust Coris to guard their research assets.

Booth # 406

For more than 50 years and with our own development, engineering and manufacturing departments, Cryotherm fulfills nearly every cryogenic need of our customers in the area of Life Science, Medicine, Research and Aerospace all over the world. For more information please visit us at or

Booth # 408

ELPRO is the global knowledge leader in environmental monitoring and GxP solutions. For over 30 years, the world’s largest pharma manufacturers, bio banking, biotech, life science and healthcare companies have trusted ELPRO products to monitor their critical applications. A full service manufacturer and developer of precision, Swiss quality data loggers and industry-leading cloud SaaS software platforms, ELPRO has offices in Switzerland, US, Canada, UK, Germany, Nordic, Benelux and Singapore.

Booth # 307
Ellab, Inc.

Ellab is a one-stop shop for all your validation and monitoring requirements. Ellab manufactures a wide variety of wireless data loggers, wired thermocouple validation systems and continuous monitoring systems that can be used in many pharmaceutical applications. These systems can record temperature, RH, CO2, pressure, vacuum and conductivity. Our equipment is available for purchase, rental, or our validation team can come on-site and perform qualification, validation or calibration services.

Booth # 514
Farrar Scientific

ULC – Pharmaceutical / Biorepository / Research;
Farrar Scientific – ULC “Ultra Low Chamber” is the only forced air “convection” -80C ULT freezer on the market. Storage capacity 190 cu.ft. with low power consumption 0.33 kWh/cu.ft. in only 47 sq.ft. of floor space. It offers exceptional temperature uniformity of +/- 3.0C, with full redundancy (control, refrigeration, display and electrical). Simply said, it offers the storage volume of 8 to 10 x -80 ULT freezers into one single unit.

Booth # 603

Configurable software solutions for biological sample and study management. Track sample data across multiple freezers while managing workflow. Flexible and user-friendly, Freezerworks puts the laboratory in control with easy to build fields, screens, and reports. Safeguard data with comprehensive security features, 21 CFR part 11 compliance, and cryogenic-safe barcode labeling.

Booth # 300
Hamilton Storage

Since 2007, Hamilton Storage, an affiliate entity of Hamilton Company, has been a global leader in the design and manufacturing of automated storage systems for biological and compound samples. By safeguarding the integrity of even the most precious samples, our solutions and expert knowledge empower researchers to reach new heights of laboratory efficiency while remaining focused on life science research.

Booth # 315
Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc.

Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc. located in Monroe, North Carolina, provides product manufacturing, distribution logistics and product application support to clinical laboratories, research laboratories at Universities, startup companies, and to the world largest hospitals, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology corporations. Greiner Bio-One products offer solutions for the collection of human samples and plastic labware products specifically related to the medical research field.

Booth # 403
Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader in serving science. Our mission is to enable our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer. Through our Thermo Scientific brand, we help customers accelerate innovation and enhance productivity.

Booth # 605

Direct printing on any tube for the Life Science Industry. The automated TubeWriter inkjet system will permanently print onto any tube or vial from a simple to use Excel spread sheet. Eliminate sticky labels that can fall off or illegible writing.

Booth # 504

Kaye products are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for process improvement, thermal validation and environmental monitoring.
No matter how complex or simple your monitoring needs may be, Kaye understands these unique requirements and offers solutions to automate the monitoring, alarming, and data collection of critical assets.

NEW ! Kaye now also can support you to monitor your sensitive product shipments. Kaye Log –  Cold Chain Monitoring during Transport. Visit us at booth 504.

Booth # 200, 202
Liconic Instruments

LiCONiC specializes in the design and manufacture of automated
sample storage solutions used in laboratories
and applications with special climate requirements. We are
experts in sample management and tracking for the biorepository,
blood banking, and compound storage markets. Our 20
years of leadership in this field has led to an installation base
of several thousands of systems in operation worldwide, supporting LiCONiC’s continual
commitment to product evolution.

Booth #515
LVL technologies GmbH & Co. KG

LVL technologies GmbH and Co. KG is a supplier of consumables for laboratory automation and automated liquid handling since 1986. The main focus of our product range are sample storage solutions in the standardized SBS format like: Deep Well Plates, Reservoirs, Microtiter Plates, alphanumeric coded tube rack system and our 2D Tube Rack System SAFEA – from 200 up to 5 ml.

For further information, visit our website: or visit us at booth #515.

Booth # 401
LabVantage Solutions

The first to introduce a LIMS specifically for biobanking, LabVantage Solutions is the laboratory informatics leader in serving biobanks, registries, and biorepositories. The LabVantage platform incorporates LIMS, ELN, LES, and SDMS solutions; LabVantage Biobanking is a prepackaged solution for advanced biomedical research, data integrity, and regulatory compliance. It deploys on-premise, in the cloud, or by SaaS without coding, engineering, or delays, reducing risk and total cost.

Booth # 612

Modul-Bio provides biological data management software specifically designed for biobanks, biorepositories and cohort projects. Main functionalities include patient management, sample collection, processing, distribution and disposal.
The whole system is intuitive for end-users, flexible for customization, easily scalable even in a multi-site environment, accepts plug-ins for applications or equipment such as laboratory instruments, robotics or storage, and ensures long term data security.

Booth # 604

OpenSpecimen is a comprehensive biospecimen informatics platform used to track specimens from collection to utilization. Used in 70+ top clinical research centers including Johns Hopkins, UPitt, Emory, UTexas, U of California, etc. It enables biobanks to collect high quality data for all types of specimen collections, has a flexible and easy to use user interface and powerful reporting module. It can be integrated Epic, REDCap, Cerner, or any other databases using the REST API.

Booth # 414

PerkinElmer is a global leader committed to innovating for a healthier world. Our dedicated team of 8,000 employees worldwide are passionate about providing customers with an unmatched experience as they help solve critical issues especially impacting the diagnostics, discovery and analytical solutions markets. Our innovative detection, imaging, informatics and service capabilities, combined with deep market knowledge and expertise, help customers gain earlier and more accurate insights.

Booth # 309
Rees Scientific

For over 35 years, Rees Scientific has been the industry standard for automated temperature monitoring. Our automated monitoring system is a complete solution for biobanks and repositories. As an ISO 9001 & 17025 accredited Company, Rees Scientific is constantly upgrading policies, procedures, and protocols to comply with today’s highly regulated environments. We can help you meet compliance for GxP, GMP, FDA, AABB, Joint Commission, 21CFR11, and much more.

Booth # 204
Stirling Ultracold

Stirling Ultracold ultra-low temperature (ULT) freezers are developed and manufactured by Global Cooling, Inc. in Athens, OH. Stirling Ultracold ULT freezer products feature the industry’s first reliable cooling technology, using the free-piston Stirling engine. This innovation has allowed the company to provide a new generation of environmentally sustainable ULT freezers that achieve stable storage conditions over a wide temperature range.

Booth # 610

Since 1959, So-Low has manufactured ultra-low temperature freezers for research, storage and industrial uses. We also supply laboratory freezers, refrigerators, under-counter freezers and refrigerators. If you have any questions please contact our knowledgeable sales staff for answers. Professionals from all over the world have recognized the dependability, reliability and quality construction of So-Low products.

Booth # 415
TWD Tradewinds, Inc.

TWD, based in Pleasant Prairie, WI was founded in 1997 as a supplier of unique laboratory products, pre-barcoded labware utilizing specialized permanent sample ID technology, and custom on-demand sample ID services and equipment. We provide our services to Fortune 500 companies in the pharmaceutical, clinical, chemical, food products and related industries. TWD is committed to providing outstanding customer service and dedicated to fulfilling the demanding needs of laboratory professionals.

Booth # 306
Unchained Labs

Here’s the deal. We’re all about helping biologics researchers break free from tools that just don’t cut it. Unleashing problem-tackling products that make a huge difference in the real science they do every day. That’s our mantra, our promise and we own it.

Booth # 700
Worthington Industries Life Sciences

Sample Storage, Transportation and Security for Laboratories, Health Care Offices and Farms

Worthington Industries is proud to manufacture a complete line of liquid nitrogen freezers, refrigerators, dewars and shippers for the life sciences, health care and animal husbandry markets. Built with the 50-year heritage of CryoScience by Taylor-Wharton, these cold chain storage, transportation and data management products are now backed by world-class quality and service.

Booth # 407
Ziath LLC

Since 1959, So-Low has manufactured ultra-low temperature freezers for research, storage and industrial uses. We also supply laboratory freezers, refrigerators, under-counter freezers and refrigerators. If you have any questions please contact our knowledgeable sales staff for answers. Professionals from all over the world have recognized the dependability, reliability and quality construction of So-Low products.