ISBER Outstanding New Product Award

Submit Your Product for the ISBER 2018 Outstanding New Product Award!

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2018


Annually, ISBER awards the Outstanding New Product Award to highlight a new, innovative product in the biobanking field. A team of expert judges from diverse sectors will select one product to receive the Outstanding New Product Award at the 2018 ISBER meeting.

Judges will review all new product submissions and identify and notify the finalists for an in-person product presentation during the opening day of the 2018 ISBER Exhibit Hall. Judges will circulate as a team to review the finalists on-site and identify the winner. The winning product/vendor will be announced during the morning sessions following the opening of the Exhibit Hall. A trophy and sign will be presented to the vendor for display during the remainder of the show.


Candidate products will be evaluated on the following four categories:

  1. Technical innovation and originality
  2. Anticipated impact on the biobanking community
  3. Data that support the position, value, and viability of the product
  4. The anticipated market demand.


For a product to qualify as “new”:

  • The product must have been introduced after the 2017 Annual Meeting. A product entered to the 2017 Annual Meeting is not eligible for award this year.
  • The product must be commercially available with part number, pricing, and reasonable lead time.


*Please note that applicants must be exhibiting at the ISBER 2018 Annual Meeting to qualify.


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