Case Study

In 2020 ISBER launched a number of new year-round marketing opportunities that will continue to be available moving forward. These opportunities allowed our sponsors to build a year-long marketing strategy for continued engagement with ISBER and the biobanking community. One sponsor in particular took full advantage of the marketing opportunities ISBER offered, with great success. This report is a story of their success.

For the first time ever in 2020, ISBER offered our vendors the opportunity to host a sponsored webinar. For these sessions, the sponsor planned the content and speakers and the ISBER Head Office took care of the logistics. These webinars were held free of charge for the biobanking community and were promoted via ISBER’s weekly e-blasts and social media channels. The sponsor in question held our first ever corporate webinar. Their webinar received 132 registrations, had 61 individuals attend the live session, and another 50 view the session recording. Promotions for the webinar racked up an additional 4,036 impressions from ISBER e-blasts, 2,336 impressions from ISBER Twitter posts, and 700 impressions from ISBER LinkedIn posts. After the session, the sponsor received the registrant list which included email addresses for all registrants who agreed to provide their contact information.

Next, the sponsor purchased a premium virtual booth within the ISBER virtual exhibit hall – a new, year-round location for vendors to market their biobanking-specific products and for biobankers to go to connect with vendors ( The exhibit hall was launched on July 1, 2020 and in the first six months the sponsor received 137 unique visitors. Furthermore, all virtual exhibitors were mentioned in a number of regular promotions for the exhibit hall via the ISBER social media channels and the ISBER weekly newsletter, resulting in an additional 2,973 impressions via ISBER e-blasts and 630 impressions via the ISBER LinkedIn page.

To promote their participation in the above two activities, the sponsor purchased an e-blast to be sent to all ISBER members, with the content fully prepared by the sponsor. Their e-blast was distributed to 1,061 contacts. The e-blast was opened 480 times and received 90 clicks.

To further increase their visibility, the sponsor purchased an advertisement space on the ISBER News webpage. Their ad ran for three months. During this time, the page received 381 unique page views.

Lastly, the sponsor ended the year with a premium sponsorship of the ISBER 2020 Virtual Symposium, a short two-day event. This virtual event received 216 delegates. With their sponsorship package, the sponsor received a premium booth space, a 10-minute presentation in the sponsor showcase session, and a pre-conference e-blast to the meeting delegates. The sponsor showcase session had 109 live participants, their e-blast was opened 167 times, and they captured 20 leads (~10% of the total attendance).

In total, From June to December, 2020 the sponsor participated in five marketing opportunities which achieved a total of 11,949 impressions and 330 engagements from a highly curated audience of biobankers around the globe.

The good news is, all of these marketing opportunities are available for purchase in 2024!

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